Monday, November 24, 2008


Fetishes - we all have them. Some of you are leg men, others like breasts, and some of you are into feet. Me? Oh, I'll just say that I have a few.... ;)

But the topic tonight is foot fetish. For 2 reasons really - 1. because I was at a foot party the other night, and 2. because I have one too.

Before I started doing foot parties, I had done a few photo shoots that have involved some foot play. And they have been fun - I get to suck on a cute girl's toes.

So, a photographer friend hooked me up with a company that runs these foot parties. Where they get a bunch of girls and a bunch of guys together, and the guys pay the girls to worship - you know, rub, kiss, suck on - the girls' feet. I know this sounds a bit weird - but it's actually quite tame.

I've known for a while now, not sure to be honest how long, that people like my feet. It's why I decided to call myself "Flirty Feet" to begin with. (And alliteration always has a nice ring to it.) Something about high arches and wrinkled soles.

But it wasn't until I started doing these foot parties, that I realized that I have a foot fetish!! Yes, I know that most of us love a good foot massage, really who doesn't? After a long day, really nothing feels better. And I do love sucking some cute toes too. But I digress....

So, now I've done two of these parties. And I have to they're really a lot of fun! There is no nudity, no sex - it's just all about the feet. There's usually a theme to them, like the last one was Stockings and Stilettos. Easy enough. Put on a sexy dress and a pair of sexy heels - make sure to show off the feet - and you're all set.

The many of the guys are really quite shy, so you have to approach them. It's a bit like being a stripper - just a foot stripper, I guess. You'll see them checking out your feet, so just walk up to them, ask them if they're having a good time. Next thing, you're off looking for a sofa to sit on, take off your shoes, and there you go.Even they have their own individual quirks - some like big feet, others like the smell of feet, and some like you to literally walk all over them - I did it to one guy WITH my shoes on.

But I like it best when they massage, kiss, suck, nibble, bite - it's all good, and I enjoy it immensely. Probably more than I should admit. ;)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Love and Lust....

Today's photo is by my good friend, Coop. A little girl/girl/girl shoot with the lovely April Flores and the lovely Adrianna Nicole. Enjoy! ;)

I was thinking about love the other day, of being in love, in young love, of the first time you have sex. Mmmmm... my oh my.... Wait!.... I don't want to reveal too much about myself - it's only my 5th post! Let's get to know each other before we venture into that territory!! ;)

So in the meantime, I guess that I can talk in generalities....

That feeling that you have when you can't wait anymore, you ache for that person, would just die to be touched. And once you are.... it's mind-blowing! It's electrifying! The mere touch of a hand, or lips, or.... ;) sending shivers throughout your body.... That cosmic connection.... two lovers intertwined....Tearing apart each other's clothes.... the urge, the desire, the need.... Not sure where the line between love and lust is. Sex is such a natural act, such an integral part of being in love.

A huge part of it for me is the anticipation... the tease... the build-up to the act. When you're just fooling around, playfully touching, teasing. Your senses are hightened, so that a single stroke of a finger across your body, jolts you. The kissing... mmm.... I just love to kiss. Such an intimate act. Lips upon lips, running your hands up and down their body....

But then again, there are those times when you just gotta go for it. Rip all the clothes off. And you dive right in. With gusto. ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flickr needs to be taught a lesson

Today's photo is from my friend, the talented and damn adorable Alejandra Guerrero. I wish she'd come back to LA. :)

Now onto today's topic of discussion....

Flickr. A thorn in my side, so to speak. Some of you know my past problems with the site, and for those who don't, here's a bit of what has happened...

I started my page over a year ago, really just doing it to, well, show off. ;) I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, so for me, having all you guys and gals look at me was such a thrill!!

Then what made this even more exciting for me was being able to work with other photographers here in LA that I met through Flickr. So I did, and had this amazing portfolio of pics, and wanted to share them with you all. The photographers were so wonderful as well - they just loved having others viewing their work.

But like a shining star, things fade. Flickr has now twice deleted my account for posting "too many" photos taken by others. This is crazy - the pics are all ME and I have permission, more than that really, from every photographer to post their photos. I don't claim to take the pics, but I always give credit to the photographer.

Honestly I think that there is someone on Flickr who doesn't like me. I don't know why, maybe they are mad at me, jealous or something. But any way, since Flickr is policed by its members, someone has reported me, and Flickr nicely deletes my account without notice. POOF - it's gone! I know of other models on Flickr who post pics taken by others and they don't get deleted! WTF, right?

I realize that this is a bit of a rant but I think that I needed to get this off my chest. And until I get my own website, which I am slowly working on, the best place to check out some of this other stuff, you can check out my new Flickr page:

I'll post from time to time, so keep checking back, as you never know what you'll come across. I've started with a recent shoot with Ed Fox, the guy behind, and I'll work backwards through them.

This may be my longest blog to date (well, there's only 4 of them...), and it's for my friend who says I don't blog enough. ;)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama, Nathan and me

Now I'm not really into politics but last Tuesday, history was made. This country has entered into a new phase. It's going to be a rough ride, but I think that the country, hell the world!, needed some fresh blood in the Oval Office.

It was such an interesting night for me personally as well... I'm a huge fan of Barack Obama, have been ever since i heard him speak at one of the Democratic conventions and well, he's a Chicago guy too! But it was amazing to watch history in the making and with me was a new friend, photographer Nathan Appel. We've been Flickr friends for a long time, admirers of each other's work, but we only just met last week!
We were watching the election results on tv and shooting at the same time. I just love multi-tasking... :)
Here's a photo taken by Nate of the night.
Thanks Nate! You're such a wonderful friend! Come see me anytime you're in LA!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My 2nd Blog Post.....

It's gonna be a quick post today. I saw my friend, Ed Fox. He's the incredibly talented photographer behind - a treat for all you foot people. ;)

And I got to shoot with the lovely, and damn sexy, Kimberly Kane. Um, yeah, she's hot and really really sweet.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

My First Blog...

For some reason, I've been reluctant to start a blog.... I'm not sure what my resistance was all about, maybe I wanted to stay hidden and anonymous or something. Good luck on that one, right? ;)

I've been modeling for a while now, and do all sorts of stuff - glamour, nude, even foot modeling. (Which I must say, is a ton of fun!!!) But the more I meet people, through any of my other outlets (Flickr, Model Mayhem, etc.), the more I want to share some of myself. Share some fantastic modeling work, share some thoughts, feelings, all the stuff that someone does on a blog, I guess.

I'm going to try to get on here as much as I can. I think that this will be fun, and will give you all a glimpse into my life. And until I launch my own website, this will allow me to post some of the modeling work that I've done with some great photographers. I figure that this is going to evolve over time, so for right now, it may be simple. But hopefully, you'll enjoy it.

Like what I did today, for example.....
I got to see my good friend, Coop. I know that you all know him, or at least know his work. (Seriously, check him out if you haven't.) There aren't too many people that I'd let tie me up and put me in a wood shipping crate. It was nicely lined in styrofoam and newspaper (like a hamster, I told him), so it really wasn't too bad. And well, I liked it. ;)

Tomorrow I'm seeing another friend for a shoot. I won't say who now, but I've modeled for him before, and he's into feet.

You can also check me out on Flickr ( and YouTube (

Thanks everyone. Like I said, this is a bit of an experiment, but it'll be a ton of fun. :)
xoxo - Skye